Alasmarya Islamic University

Alasmarya Islamic University (AIU) Profile

Alasmarya Islamic University (AIU) is a public university and its main campus was inaugurated in 1995 in the Center of Zliten City locating on the Mediterranean coast 160km east of the Libyan Capital (Tripoli) and Zliten population is about 330,000 people. AIU comprises 22 Faculties in different fields: Human sciences, (Arts, Languages & Law) and Applied Sciences (Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics…etc), Engineering, Economy, IT, Medicine, marine resources etc. AIU has 3 main Centers, Research & Scientific Studies Centre. Foreign Languages Centre, and Leadership and Innovation Center. AIU includes the following faculties; Faculty of Education, Arts, Sciences, Economics & commerce, Engineering, Arabic Language & Islamic Studies, Human Sciences, Law & Shari’aa, Da’wa & Fundamentals of religion, Information Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing & Public Health, Marine Resources. In addition, there are other five faculties in the following regions: Faculty of Islamic Economy – Misallat, Faculty of Islamic Sciences- Misallta, Faculty of Islamic Studies- Sabha, Faculty of Islamic Sciences & Law – Ubari., Faculty of Islamic Sciences– Ghat, which around 950 KM distance. The following shows statistical facts about AIU:

Staff Members:

Number of Libyan Academic Staff are 1,291 Member,

Number of foreign academic staff 121 Member

Academic programs:

Number of BSc Program 93 Programs.

Number of Postgraduate Programs 20 Programs.


Number of Libyan students 15,940 students,

Number of foreign students 145 students.

Under and post graduates:

Number of graduated BSc degrees 23,052 students.

Number of Master degrees Students 718 students.

Number of Journals and conferences:

Number of university certified Journals 11.

Number of yearly conferences 5.

AIU has participated in Erasmus+ CBHE and UNIMED Projects:

WHEEL Project: Project reference number-598610-EPP-1-2018-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

IBTIKAR Project: Project reference number-618491-EPP-1-2020-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

Rebuild Project: The Good Governance Project in Local Administration in partnership between the Zliten Municipal Council and the Italian Province of Nicosia. The role of the university as a partner in the training process for the cadres of the Zliten Municipal Council through the training of academic cadres under the supervision of the competent authorities in the Italian province

Finally, AIU is ready to cooperate with any International Organization or University in order to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of higher education and scientific research in the humanities and applied sciences and actively contributes to strengthening the social peace and bringing about sustainable national development.

The Contact details are:

Alasmarya Islamic University – AIU | website: | International Cooperation Office–ICO | website: | The ICO Director: Dr. Ali Benomran| Email: