The University of Tobruk

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The University Of Tobruk (UT) is an officially recognized public higher education institution based in Tobruk in East Libya. . The University of Tobruk was established on 28/09/ 1991 as The Faculty of Social Science –Omar Al Mukhtar University. Since then a number of faculties have been established. Based on a resolution by the government in 2016, it was officially founded under the name of The University of Tobruk.  The university has also a main scientific research center and language center. Due to its unique location in the Far East, it provides higher education for students in an area of around 83000 m2. It employs 483 full time academic staff members and a number of contractual members in addition to 836 administrative staff. Since 2016, more than 4500 students have graduated from The University of Tobruk. Although it is a young university, The University of Tobruk has set a strategic plan to ensure delivering high quality education and to increase its research activities. As part of this strategic plan, a number of scientific conferences and workshops have already been organized, and 2 peer reviewed journals have been recently founded. The university is also actively involved in supporting the local society through providing support to the local authorities and organizations.
Innovation and leadership in higher education, research and community support; both locally and internationally.
Contributing positively to the development of the country through delivering high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and enhancing research capabilities, in addition to actively collaborating with local and international organizations in order to support the development of the country and strengthen knowledge share and production. 

The University of Tobruk consists of 15 faculties in 6 main campuses, with more than 8000 students:
1. Faculty of Medicine.
2. Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine.
3. Faculty of Nursery.
4. Faculty of Medical Technology.
5. Faculty of Pharmacy.
6. Faculty of Engineering.
7. Faculty of Economics & Political Science.
8. Faculty of Science.
9. Faculty of Arts.
10. Faculty of law.
11. Faculty of Education.
12. Faculty of Natural Resources & Environmental Science.
13. Faculty of Tourism & Archeology.
14. Faculty of Sport Science.
15. Faculty of Education-Al-Ashhab.

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