University of Ajdabya

Despite the fact that it has only been founded in 2000, the University of Ajdabiya has an outstanding reputation as an institution that provides students with a quality education in the “oil gulf region” of Libya. With it’s 9 faculties and 48 working departments, the University of Ajdabiya accommodates over 15000 undergraduate students and 900 teaching staff. Due to it’s unique location in the middle of Libya, 960 kms to the east of the capital, Tripoli on the southern coastline of the Mediterranean, it provides educational services to students from a large portion of the country. It extends from Ras lanouf to Sultan and deep into the southern areas of Jalu and Alkufra in a total area of approximately 250000 km2. The University of Ajdabiya is proud to claim Libya’s largest and oldest Fatimid castle upon it’s main campus which reflects the university’s historical and geographical importance in Libya. The leading university offers excellence in teaching and research. It is an active research partner with local recognized institutions, companies and corporations such as Ras Lanuf and Sirt oil corporations. Over the past two decades, the university has organized conferences and workshops on topics like “open resources” and “capacity building” for the first time in the history of Libya. Just in a span of 5 years (from 2015 onwards), the University of Ajdabiya has organized 5 conferences on sustainable development, 3 conferences on petroleum studies and 4 conferences on business administration and leadership in Libya.

Once the political status of the country improves, the university has an overarching goal to train students to gain a vital advantage in the ultra-competitive careers market by conducting student and teaching staff exchange programs with other institutions regionally and globally. The university also has plans to invite researchers regionally and from around the world and offer opportunities to conduct shared research especially in areas like geology, biology and humanities for academic and eventually commercial purposes.

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