University of Misurata

Misurata University is a public Higher Education Institution in Libya and considered as one of the largest universities in the country. It was established in 1983 and has about 3,700 staff members; 1,210 of whom are faculty members and 655 teacher assistants beside around 1,820 administrative staff. With 17 faculties, the university offers more than 60 undergraduate programs with around 16,550 students and 20 postgraduate programs with about 900 students. Misurata University has gained a reputable and prestigious position amongst its peers in the country throughout its contribution in a number of EU promoted educational programs and capacity building projects on both Tempus and Erasmus spheres that serve to offer opportunities for scientific research, mobility scholarships and multiple trainings for teaching staff development, which again expose our staff and students to experience developed education methods in the best environment to support them to proceed their careers; such as:
Hence, our growing expertise has put us in a position to effectively contribute to project design and management, as we have lead different project Work Packages. Besides having academic exchange programs with a number of universities, amongst are, the University of Granada – Spain, and University of Piraeus – Greece. In addition, it has successful partnerships with different international Organizations such as Expertise France, Soliya, DAAD, ICRC and AID. Moreover, MU is also an active member of the Arab Universities Union, Federation of the universities of the Islamic world, Association of African Universities, the International Association of Universities, the Euro-Mediterranean Universities Network TETHYS, and the Mediterranean Universities Union UNIMED. The university intends to meet the international quality assurance, to quality the administrative and academic staff by targeting related EU programs with will definitely enrich these fields and thus contribute to the achievement of sustainable environment, economic, social and cultural development in Libya. The contact details are:


International Cooperation Office |  Director: Dr. Mohamed Abu Gharsa| Email address:
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