University of Sabratha

Sabratha University is one of Libyan public universities. It was established in 2015 in the city of Sabratha, Libya, with 5 campuses spread throughout cities on the west coast of the capital Tripoli. It consists of colleges, some of which date back to 1992. Some of the colleges were affiliated to Zawia University until the issuance of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 157 of 2015. To establish the University of Sabratha and to separate these colleges and determine their dependence on the University of Sabratha.
The university’s colleges are distributed as follows: Faculties of Human Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Art all of these are located in Sabratha city. Faculties of medical technology, Economics, Political Science, Law, Dental Medicine, nursing, and languages, all of these are located in Surman city. Faculties of science and Engineering are located in Regdalin city, Faculties of Public Health, Pharmacy, Arts, Physical Education and Kinetic Rehabilitation, all of these are located in Aljmail city. Faculties of Law, Education, and Human Resources are located in Zalten city. It has about 2283 staff members; 489 of whom are teacher assistants 894 Academic staff beside around 900 administrative staff. With 19 faculties, the university offers more than 60 undergraduate programs with around 13400 students and 4 postgraduate programs with about 40 students. In addition, it has successful partnerships with different international Organizations such as the Euro-Mediterranean Universities Network TETHYS, and the Mediterranean Universities Union UNIMED.

The contact details are:
International Cooperation Office : Director: Dr. Adel ELGABER.
Email address: //
Phone number: +218-233622276 | Phone number: +218-925205398.
Address: Aldairi street, Sabratha, Libya, P.O. Box 250 Sabratha.