University of Sebha

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Sebha University

Sebha University bears a name indicating the city on which it was established. The University was established by decision of the former People’s Committee No. 187/1983 where it was located in the city of Sebha Faculty of Education and was followed by the University of Tripoli from 1976 until the beginning of 1983. This Faculty was divided into two Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The university currently has 21 colleges spread over six campuses on the following cities: Sebha, Oubari, Ghat, Zouwailah, AL-griffa and outside of Libya, N’Djamena – Chad.

The graduate program of the university began at the Faculty of Arts in the academic year 1990/1991 and was followed by the Faculty of Science, Engineering, Technology, Agriculture, and Energy and Mining Engineering. In 2022, University has started two PhD program, namely: Chemistry and Arabic language. The university periodically organizes scientific and sports activities, exhibitions, scientific conferences, awareness seminars, training courses, evaluation of scientific research in local and international scientific journals. It also participates in various activities organized by other universities inside and outside Libya.

Basic statistics about the Sebha University up to September 2022:

  • 11058 undergraduate students.
  • 1365 Postgraduate Student.
  • 695 International students.
  • 37013 graduated students.
  • 20 Faculties.
  • 1047 Teaching staff with 2% international.
  • 3485 University staff.

Number of agreements signed with the corresponding institutions:

– 8 local agreements

– 26 international agreements.

– 18 international agreements under process.

International projects:

•         Uni.Gov (Tempus) Completed

•         EnBrain Master in Renewable Energy Management (Tempus) Completed

•         Wheel (Erasmus+) Ongoing

•         Enbrain (Erasmus+) Completed

•         Nicosia incentive (European Committee) Completed

•         LibyaUP (Erasmus+) Ongoing

•         SAHA (Erasmus+) Ongoing

•         REBUILD (European Committee) Ongoing

•         Godigital Libya (DAAD) Ongoing

•         IBTKAR (Erasmus+) Ongoing

•         HEGRA (Erasmus+) Ongoing

The contact Details:
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