University of Zawia

The University of Zawia (ZU), established in 1988, is a governmental scientific institution specialized in higher education and scientific research. It aims to build an institution to operate according to the highest national and international standards in research and teaching, and prepare qualified under/post-graduates to respond to the needs of the society. The ZU contains 27 faculties and provides a bachelor programs in Sports, Engineering, Arts, Science, Economics and Political Science, Education, Medical Technology, Dental, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursery, Law and Natural Resources and Information Technology. The number of students is (32147) undergraduate students and (1630) postgraduate students, with (1350) teaching staff and (3300) non-academic staff.

As result of its strategy of Internationalisation the University is involved in many projects under the umbrella of Tempus and Erasmus+, such as Al Idrissi, UNetBA, ENROL, EuNIT, INSTART, ENBRAIN, PAgES, SAHA, IBTIKAR and other projects.
More than 50 agreements have been signed between ZU and other national and international institutions and organisations. Students, teaching and administrative staff benefit from exchange mobility programs with international universities. The ZU is a member of Arabic, Islamic and African Universities Associations, the International Association of Universities, the Euro-Mediterranean Universities Network TETHYS, and the Mediterranean Universities Union UNIMED.

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