University Engineering Consulting Office (UECO)

University Engineering Consulting Office (UECO) -Libya was founded in 1986 as an engineering research and consulting institution. UECO is administratively and financialy independent research and consulting institution affiliated with Presidency of the Council of Ministers. UECO is also registered with the Euorpean commission under a PIC no. 927972811.
UECO is uniqely qualified to conduct its activities because of its full access to Tripoli University’s distinguished and mult-disciplined pool of professors with both academic and practical experience and well equipped laboratories along with full-staff including researchers, engineers and technicians. UECO is also tied through several technical cooperation agreements with other public and private sector institutions involved in similar activities in order to provide optimum
solutions to continuing professional challenges.This unique position gave UECO the ability to engage in a wide spectrum of projects other than the engineering field such as; innovation in planning, environment, energy, water, food, IT, tourism, economic studies, social studies etc.

UECO’s Goals

UECO’s main goal is promoting and conducting scientific research and technical studies applied to sectors of society and different institutions to serve the development plans and programs. Among the strategic objectives of UECO are;

  • To paticipate in and contribute to the overall scientific and technical development of the
    fields of different professions.
  • To disseminate scientific and technical knowledge.
  • To perticipate effectively in national capacity building capable of addressing the country’s
    developmental challenges.
  • To cooperate with other national, regional and international institutions in R,D
    &Innovations .
  • Activate the role of Universities as consultative institutions to the society.

Since foundation of UECO,Training is one the most important goals , hundreds of training programes as single or packages have been successfully conducted., Two training packages have been completed in this year 2021. One package was coordinated with the “FAO”,under the title “Emergency FAO project to support wheat & vegetables production in LIBYA” This package involved training of 250 small farmers from 60 Libyan municipalities in 14 training locations all over the country. The second package was coordinated with Libyan national center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Educational and Training Institutes for a program titled “Auditors in Quality Assurance
and Accreditation” for 260 staff members from 27 Libyan Universities in Eight training locations distributed in all Libyan regions.

UECO’s Projects

UECO has been and still actively participating in national and international projects. UECO was the only Libyan partner in the 5TOI-4EWAS project funded by the Euorpean commission H2020. Some of UECO research consultants have been Involved in the European funded projects such as; FP7 (WELL) and TEMPUS programs (Master of energy managment).

UECO research groups are doing thier best to participate in different EU programes such as HEU 2021-2027, COST, RISE. During the 2018-2019, UECO organized 27 workshops, on Horizon 2020 programs, to disaminate knowldge among researchers in different acadamic and research institutions in Libya. UECO also organized the first workshop for all Libyan stackholders of energy ,water and food NEXUS and also organized the second natinal water resources workshop entiteled (Water,Energy and Food NEXUS) which was supported by Libyan National Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and was held on the 23-24 April 2019 in Tripoli.

Horizon Europe HEU 2021-2027

For the new EU programes, Horizon Europe HEU 2021-2027 , UECO had arranged the 1st HEU
workshop on 23 June 2021 at University of Gharyan and is ready to arrange the second one on
28 July 2021 at the Ministry of Education main hall . Fınaly UECO is willing to work with any international acadamic or research institutions to participate in any related project proposals in HEU calls (2021 – 2027) or any other research
programes calls.

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5toi_4ewas EU-Liby UECO and
LIBYA – Horizon Europe HEU 2021-2027

Contact Details:
Name : Dr. Saleh Sadeg (Head of R&I department)
Mobile, Viber & Whatsapp : +218912205181

Organisation address:
Dr. Sliman Rekhibi, UECO Chairman
University Engineering Consulting Office (UECO)
University street, University of Tripoli
Tripoli / Libya.
Mobile, Viber & WhatsApp: +218913185494