University of Gharyan

University of Gharyan (UoG) is a public institution located in Gharyan, the capital city of Jabel Nafousa. It was established and founded in 1986. The main campus of the university is located in the heart of Gharyan. The UoG consists of 19 faculties with 134 departments distributed in Gharayn, Mizda, Assabaa and Kikla. I addition to those faculties, the University also has Research Centers, Language Center,  and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center. Students at the UoG graduate with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The total number of students as for 2018/2019 is 8810. It has more than 890 staff members. Moreover, it has more than 1393 administrative and technical staff that work for a variety of faculties, centers and other administrations across the university’s campuses covering Ghrayan and its neighbouring cities including Mizda, Assabaa and Kikla. The University of Gharyan is a pioneering institution in Libya that works with different other ministries, local municipalities, and other institutions.

The contact details are:
University of Gharyan | website : http:/  | International Cooperation Office – ICO |
The ICO director: Dr SEDDEQ GHARARE | Email: ||
| Phone: +218-916522620