University of Gharyan


 Responding to the needs of Al-Jabel Al-Gharbi population and participating in the spreading knowledge and education, the UoG has opened it’s doors to students in 1991. The faculty of accounting was opened earlier in 1985. After that other faculties were opened in different areas of the Al-Jabel Al-Gharbi zone. The head office of the university was first located in Zentan. Later on it was moved to Zawia and finally it returned back to Gharyan in 2004.

Currently, based on the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Government of National Accord No. (19) of 2017 on Re-organization  of University, the official name of this university has changed to be UNIVERSITY OF GHARYAN  (UoG).

Since it has been established, the UoG and after careful consideration of the SWOT analysis, it has decided to accomplish the following vision, mission and goals:

UoG Vision

 To become a prestigious academic institution competing with other local and international high education ones, It also works to be unique in the scientific and human fields ensuring the preparation of a new creative generation who will participate in building new Libya.

UoG Mission

 The UoG is working under the guidance of the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, working on graduate and undergraduate level together with scientific research to serve society. It offers approved scientific programs which can achieve the aims and the ambitions of the Libyan society

The UoG consists of (18) faculties in different scientific areas including engineering, medical, applied and human sciences. In addition to the above mentioned faculties, the UoG has :

  • Languages Centre which is equipped with a number of Language Laboratories.
  • Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Documentation and Information Centre
  • Research and Consultations Centre

All  the faculties and centres in the UoG follow all the quality of assurance rules that are issued by the UoG QoA office.

The total number of students is 8800 approximately; the academic staff member’s number is around 950.

Finally, The UoG aims to build an international relationship and cooperation network with other universities and organizations from other countries, therefore, the UoG has involved as a member in UNIMED, Arab Universities Union, and Federation of Islamic World Universities,

Contact Details:

The UoG PIC is (906121524) | Website: | International Cooperation Office: | Director: Dr. SEDDEQ GHRARE | Email: , | Tel: +218916522620 , +218945153132 |