Gulf of Sidra University

Gulf of Sidra University is a newly established university as it was established in 2017. The
university is expected to have a great role in the region of Sidra Gulf which considered the land
of Libyan oil. The region urgently needs such institution to achieve scientific and cultural growth
for society. Since the area is rich with oil, developing of engineering sector will be the main
target for our institution. The university will also contribute in the completion of the shortage in
most scientific and administrative disciplines in Libya. GSU consists of seven academic faculties
which include humanities, applied and medical sciences. The university will be a strong
supporter for the school education sector, administrative and legal studies as well as other
scientific disciplines. Our ambition will remain to lead our university to provide the highest
quality education in all disciplines.

  • Gulf Of Sidra University is now with more than 2000 students.
  • The university currently employs about 90 full-time teaching staff, and 5 are contractual
    foreign teaching staff from Arab and non-Arab countries.
  • The university also employs 350 non-academic staff in different departments and offices
    across the university.
  • The university has also established a Languages Centre, the center is responsible for
    English language training to students , and to provide pre-sessional English courses for
    graduates who have been awarded scholarships to study abroad masters and/or PhD
  • there is also a Research and Consultation Center which can offer the Consulting Studies
    , Support academic activities by consulting to Faculties, and Publish the university
    researches Journal.
  • Gulf of Sidra University as a higher education institution is an active member of the
    Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED).
  • The university as a higher education institution is working to be involved in many
    international cooperation programmes. It also to be engaged in several international
    agreements (MOU) with different educational universities and other organizations from
    all over the world. Those agreements and programmes include different areas of
    activities such as post- graduate studies, student’s exchange, training programmes and
    capacity building. So managing such projects and agreements are considering the
    responsibility of the international cooperation office (ICO)
  • ICO aims to participate in the cooperation with a partnership of international
    organizations in expanding the assistance of the social, economic and environmental
  • International Projects:
  • Libya UP (Erasmus+) – Ongoing
  • REBUILD (European Committee) – Ongoing
  • Urban Reconstruction and Climate Change (DAAD) – Ongoing
  • HEGRA (Erasmus+) – Ongoing

On this basis recently GSU has registered at the Education, Audiovisual, and
Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and has got the Participant Identification Code (PIC)
and the Organisation Identification Code (OID)as following :

PIC number: 901820253
Organisation ID: E10226031
University Contact details:
International Cooperation Office -ICO | The ICO director: Mr. Jibriel Abusaleem
Email: and
Phone: +218 54 523 803 056 and +218 91 322 7972