Call for Erasmus+ Virtual Exchanges (EVE)

Deadline for submission of applications: 20 September 2022

Is your organisation interested in setting up highquality, virtual, non-formal learning opportunities for young people, which are led by a trained facilitator, to achieved pre-defined learning outcomes ? Would your organisation like to set up online, virtual activities, that promote intercultural dialogue between young people in the EU and regions outside the EU?

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange makes it possible for every young person to have meaningful, transnational and intercultural educational experiences online. They foster mutual understanding and soft skills development.


The action aims to :
• Encourage intercultural dialogue and increase tolerance through online interactions using existing digital, youth-friendly
• Promote various types of virtual exchanges as a complement to Erasmus+ physical mobility, allowing more young people to
benefit from intercultural and international experiences;
• Enhance critical thinking and media literacy in the use of the internet and social media, to counter discrimination,
indoctrination, polarization and violent radicalisation;
• Promote citizenship and the common values of freedom,tolerance and non-discrimination through education;
• Strengthen the youth dimension in the relations of the EU with third countries

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