Deadline for submission of applications:
Tuesday 13 December 2022 2:00 pm
2nd Mobility call from 1 March 2023 to 30 September 2023

This Call is applicable to the activities of the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme for teaching, called “Staff Mobility for Teaching”. Subject to an inter-institutional agreement signed by the Universities, this type of mobility allows lecturers to spend a teaching period abroad at institutions in Programme Countries holding an ECHE or Partner Countries1 (outgoing Mobility). The full list of available venues is on this page

This Action also makes it possible to invite experts from an EU company to teach at the University of Padua
(incoming mobility – Invited staff from enterprises).

Further details, explanations and the operative methods on the call are available in “see Appendix” in the Appendix, which is an integral part of this call.

  • How to apply
    A prerequisite for being eligible is the presentation of a work plan agreed upon between the sending Department and the host institution (the Mobility Agreement,) to this Call and available Here

To apply, the participant is required to fill in the qestionnaire by 18th November 2022 at 12:00 (noon).
When completing the questionnaire, the participant will be asked to attach the above Mobility Agreement completed in all its parts and signed by all parties. The required signatures are the candidate’s, the relevant Department Director’s and the host University contact person’s. Applications without a Mobility Agreement or with an incomplete and / or signature-free Mobility Agreement will not be accepted.

If the participant fills in the questionnaire more than once, the Evaluation Committee will consider the last version submitted before the deadline. The participant can select and apply for one destination only. The teaching activity
must be carried out exclusively at the host university indicated in both the Mobility Agreement and the grant agreement. Additional funding is provided for participants with special needs. However, In order to apply for additional funds, the participant will have to indicate their special needs when filling in the questionnaire, and book an appointment with the Mobility Unit within the deadline of the Call for Applications, in order to complete the forms possibly required to request additional funds.