Supporting micro-credentials in the training system

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are short and targeted technical education and training products.

Why are micro-credentials important?

Micro-credentials in vocational education and training (VET) offer more flexible ways of learning. They also deliver in-time training to meet emerging and urgent skills needs. Micro-credentials support people to move between jobs and industries and can be used as building blocks towards full qualifications.

Why is reform needed?

Micro-credentials were recently identified in two prominent reviews as an area for reform, and their potential for providing more flexible training options for industry. The Micro-credentials development require policy guidelines development to allow the recognition of micro-credentials for credit.Number of reports reviews highlight how micro-credentials can support opportunities for flexible education, learning and training. They also highlight how micro-credentials help modernise institutions’ training landscape, as part of broader reform work in the VET system.

The Micro-credentials courses can help to:

  • support entry into new roles
  • deliver training to meet specific technical or licensing requirements
  • enable young people to gain some initial skills or try training in an area of interest.

Under Agreements for Skills Reform, the institutions, state and territory governments have opportunities to develop and fund for micro-credentials, in addition to full qualifications.