Seminar and Training session

#Seminar and #training session about Erasmus+ and projects.

In the presence of 11 #Libyan_universities, today was a seminar and training session on a number of important #aspects of the #Erasmus+ program. Number of questions provided by the attendees were listened and answered.
Several important procedures were also #explained to those wishing to participate in the #Call_2023, for example: Determining the #priorities of projects, preparing the #concept_note, formulating #proposals, communicating and searching for #partners, and forming the potential project #consortium.

Universities were also directed to focus on developing university #websites, and providing content in English to facilitate access to information by international partners. At the end of the session, it was agreed that the training sessions would continue during the next week in the presence of more universities, and put forward other aspects of #participation in Erasmus+.