Erasmus+ Dissemination Session

NEO conducted a Dissemination session for number of Libyan Universities who are participating in CBHE projects. The session discuses the dissemination processes which is a planned process of providing information on the results of Erasmus+ programmes and initiatives to key actors. It occurs as and when the result of programmes and initiatives become available. In terms of the Erasmus+ Programme this session involves spreading the word about the project successes and outcomes as far as possible. Making others aware of the project will impact on other organisations in the future and will contribute to raising the profile of the universities carrying out the project.

However, it was clearly indicated that to effectively disseminate results, an appropriate process at the beginning of the project needs to be designed. This should cover why, what, how, when, to whom and where disseminating results will take place, both during and after the funding period.

Therefore the universities in Libya need to set up and implement several activities related to the dissemination plan related to the project objective and has the aim of making the project results accessible to the highest number of potential beneficiaries as possible.

The session present four level of dissemination process involves various phases:

1) Identification of the dissemination objectives.2) Identification of the contents for dissemination.3) Identification of the subjects in charge of dissemination4) Identification of dissemination actions