Training Session on Writing CBHE Proposals aligned with Erasmus+ Priorities

📢 On 25 | 05 | 2023 – Calling all aspiring proposal writers! NEO Libya presents a Training Session on Writing CBHE Proposals aligned with Erasmus+ Priorities at Azaytoona University 🎓🌍

As part of the NEO Libya Skills Development Programme, a training session hosted at Azaytoona University, focusing on developing successful CBHE proposals for Higher Education in Libya. With 23 enthusiastic attendees, this session aims to equip participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to create competitive proposals. Here’s a glimpse of the training content:

  1. Understanding CBHE Proposals: Explore the key elements of a strong proposal, including objectives, expected outcomes, methodology, and sustainability plan, while aligning them with Erasmus+ Priorities.
  2. Erasmus+ Priorities: Gain insights into the specific priorities set by Erasmus+ for Higher Education in Libya, such as enhancing employability, promoting digitalization in education, and fostering intercultural exchange.
  3. Proposal Development: Learn effective strategies for conducting a needs assessment, formulating a clear project rationale, designing an impactful work plan, and defining the project’s expected results and impact.
  4. Budgeting and Sustainability: Master the art of budget planning for CBHE proposals, ensuring adherence to Erasmus+ guidelines. Discover approaches to ensure project sustainability beyond the funding period.

At the end of this informative event, certifications provided to all attendees, acknowledging their active participation and commitment to developing high-quality CBHE proposals. We express our gratitude to Azaytoona University for hosting this training session and supporting the NEO Libya Skills Development Programme. Let’s collaborate and empower Libyan Higher Education together! 🤝📚🌟