🌟 Empowering Institutions: Stakeholders Support Session on Project PIC Number Validation 🌟

The NEO Libya conducted a dedicated support session aimed at providing essential assistance regarding Project PIC number validation. Following the importance of this issue , the NEO are committed to supporting local institutions in overcoming any challenges they may face. During this session, NEO Libya presented a structured process that can guide institutions through the necessary steps to obtain a valid PIC number and rejoin projects that are currently on hold. The main goal is to empower institutions, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to navigate this process successfully.

🗓️ Date & Time: [18-09-2023] 📍 Location: [Nalut University ]

💡 What to Expect?

  • Insightful guidance on obtaining and validating PIC numbers
  • Step-by-step instructions for navigating the validation process
  • Clear explanations of the necessary documentation and procedures
  • Q&A session to address specific queries and concerns

📚 Why this session? Validating PIC number is crucial for your institution’s eligibility for EU funding and project participation. This session is designed to equip you with the knowledge and resources needed to ensure your institution can continue benefiting from these opportunities.

📝 Note: This session is part of our ongoing commitment to support local institutions in their participation in Erasmus+ EU-funded projects.

For more information and feedback, please reach out to [neo@erasmusplus.ly].

We look forward to joining hands with you on this journey towards continued growth and success!

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