🚀 Unlocking Opportunities: Promotional Session Expands Erasmus+ opportunities to youth in Libya 🌍

We’re thrilled to share exciting news from a recent promotional session that’s set to amplify the reach of Erasmus+ opportunities in Libya, specifically directed towards youth and social business stakeholders.

Collaboration in Action NEO Libya teamed up with the dynamic team at TATWEER organization, an entity dedicated to knowledge and awareness in the realms of youth and innovation. Together, we embarked on a mission to spread the word about Erasmus+ and its vast potential to empower Libya’s young minds and social entrepreneurs.

The Power of Knowledge and Awareness Our session was designed to provide crucial insights into Erasmus+ opportunities for youth and innovation organizations. We believe that knowledge is the gateway to action, and this session aimed to equip TATWEER and its stakeholders with the awareness needed to harness Erasmus+ opportunities effectively.

A Positive Result We are delighted to share that the outcome of the session was extremely positive! TATWEER has expressed its keen interest in the Erasmus+ program, highlighting its willingness to initiate the registration process for its Participant Identification Code (PIC) number. This is a significant step that opens doors to a world of possibilities for youth and social business entrepreneurs in Libya.

What’s Next? With TATWEER’s commitment to exploring Erasmus+ projects, we’re excited about the potential collaborations and initiatives that lie ahead. Together, we’ll work towards creating opportunities for Libya’s youth and social business pioneers to shine on the international stage.

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