Empowering VET Education in Libya: Exploring Erasmus+ and Digital Innovation

The NEO Libya conducted a productive session on technical education support with the presence of key stakeholders, including the Deputy Minister of Technical Education, the Dean of the College of Computer Science, and the Head of Training and Education Management. The focus of our discussions was on exploring the opportunities and possibilities within the VET Erasmus+ program.

One of the key highlights was the importance of digitization and digital education, as well as educational support platforms within the realm of VET sector of education. During the session a discussion on the development of a strategic vision for VET technical education within the Ministry of Technical Education also has been presented.

During the session, the National Erasmus+ Office Coordinator introduced initiatives for potential partnerships with organizations such as #ETF and# EVBB to leverage their expertise in the field. Collaborations like these promise exciting opportunities for enhancing VET technical education in our region.

The future of VET, technical learning and innovation. 📚💻
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