🚀 NEO Libya’s establish a New Initiative: Capacity Building in Proposal Writing for Youth Organizations within the Erasmus+ Framework

🌍 NEO Libya recognize the potential of youth organizations to engage in international cooperation, education, and youth projects. the NEO Libya team mission is to empower them with essential skills for effective proposal writing within the Erasmus+ framework.

🎯 Project Objectives:

  1. Capacity Enhancement: Equip Libyan youth organizations with proposal writing skills.
  2. Increased Participation: Encourage active engagement in Erasmus+ initiatives.
  3. Sustainability: Foster lasting partnerships with European counterparts.
  4. Empowerment: Develop leadership and project management capabilities.
  5. Inclusivity: Promote youth participation from diverse backgrounds and regions.

🔍 Priority Domains: Our project aligns with five priority domains: Digitization, Environmental Issues, Inclusion, Mental Health, and Civic Participation and Engagement. These aspects are crucial for shaping the future of Libyan youth.

🛠️ Methodology: We offer workshops, online resources, mentorship, and practical exercises led by experts. Participants receive personalized feedback to prepare competitive Erasmus+ proposals.

🌟 Expected Outcomes:

  • 50 Empowered Youth member in cross youth Organizations
  • Enhanced Proposal Writing Skills
  • Sustainable Partnerships
  • Increased Success Rates
  • Diverse and Inclusive Participation

🤝 Youth organisation are invited to apply for this initiative and participate in the related activities. Join us in empowering Libya’s youth and fostering active participation in Erasmus+ programs. Together, we will unlock potential and drive positive change.

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