National Erasmus+ Office Libya’s Remarkable Achievement in Empowering Nalut University

The result of Erasmus+ activities and technical support and training sessions, NEO Libya conducted remarkable achievement which is a result of ongoing efforts by the National Erasmus Office in supporting and guiding universities towards enhancing their infrastructure and directing students towards international academic programs. National Erasmus+ office in Libya marks new significant contribution to Nalut University which TODAY has successfully obtained a PIC (Participant Identification Code) number 882533452.

Through intensive meetings, constructive communication, and continuous support provided by the National Erasmus+ Office to Libyan universities and in particular Nalut University, the university is now ready to participate in ambitious Erasmus+ program projects. This opportunity will enable the university to build its capacities and expand its academic programs limitlessly.

But that’s not all, as today Nalut University’s also started its role for participation in the “Armonia” CBHE project, which primarily aims to develop and enhance the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credit system in Libyan universities. This enhancement will significantly support academic exchange programs and facilitate the mobility of Libyan students to European universities.

This achievement and the continuous dedication by the National Erasmus+ Office are a clear testament to their commitment to supporting higher education in Libya and fostering international cooperation. This accomplishment embodies a professional and proficient approach to the development of the higher education sector and expanding opportunities for students and faculty members in the country.